Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Finally, new things in the horizon!

It's already May. So far it's been as though I've been paddling upstream in a tiny soon-to-capsize boat.

And to be honest, with the number of things on my plate, I was starting to feel a little put off my craft. Esp since crafting is such a zen thing for me, but how to be zen if you are constantly buzzing from stress and the list of a million things to do?

I've also been moving off online sale venues as Etsy, Madeit and Zibbet have proved to be absolutely fruitless and with me spending pointless money in listings, I see no point in continuing on with them.

Thankfully, craft markets have been going good, and my stockist and wholesale ventures have been fantastic too! I really should have mentioned but Little Waltz can now be found at House of Balaklava down at St Kilda as well. (Exciting!) but curiously, my offline sales have not translated to online sales, so I guess my online ventures should go.

Having said that, I'm not closing down online sites completely. I'm just going to stop paying Etsy/Madeit/Zibbet my hard earned money and concentrate on actually getting my own Little Waltz website up.

With the end to my Postgraduate course in sight, I am finally getting that second wind and hopefully by July, I will have a brand new shopping site and a brand new blog to unveil to all of you.

I'm so sorry I haven't been around, but do tell me. How have you been?


Sunday, May 9, 2010

Of Cupcakes and blogs.

I know, I know. It's been real quiet around here. I really should have dropped by earlier to mention that I haven't been able to craft too much recently. I've been bitten by the cooking and baking bug so my Food Blog has been getting all my love instead.

But the latest cupcakes that I baked is definitely relevant to the crafting world, so I thought I'd give you ladies a heads up. It was written as a guest post for another food blog: Jeroxie so you will have to run to her blog to read about my creating process of these little buggers.

But do drop by my food blog - Travelling in Mary Janes, there's even a Zebra cake in the works!!!

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