Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Some days you are jumping for joy..

Gorgeous dress and photo from Magnolija

And some days you just feel like crying


Monday, October 5, 2009

It's Tuesday and I can't wait..

Image by Raychel Shiztastic on Flickr

It's Tuesday and what a cold Tuesday it is!

I can't wait for...

    .... the Northside Makers Market to swing round on Saturday. Read more about the market from the organizer's perspective here!

    ... this sore back to go away. It's still here!

    ... nice warm weather in melbourne... no really, not just "I assure you I'm here" warm weather.

    ... the real estate agents to get back to me with regards to my house application. Will I have a roof over my head or not?

    ... to see more participants waltz in with our latest featured photographer: Kirsty from Filmless Photos

What are you waiting for? Come play along with Buttons by Loulou. I'd love to see what you are waiting for!


4 days to go: PANIC.

No seriously. Four days before my first ever craft market in Melbourne.

Are you coming, are you coming? I'd so love to see a familiar face there, right before I melt into a complete puddle of panic and then more panic.

I have been busy with making sure that my table looks alright, making sure that I have enough stock.. thinking of ways to pack the extra stock, and how much extra stock to bring.. there's still so much to prepare for!

So while I'm off being a headless chicken, let me share with you a few photos of my favourite craft market displays from flickr:

Image by Contented Sparrow on Flickr

Image by Contented Sparrow on Flickr

Image by Popko on Flickr

Image by BeckyOh on Flickr

What are some of your favourite displays or display ideas? Please do share the love!


Saturday, October 3, 2009

7 days to go: House hunting ahoy!

Image by Ania via Flickr

I'm moving house! Or I have to, soon.
The lease on my current house is expiring and while I love the place, I have been falling sick quite often in this house. I don't agree with heaters as they are incredibly dry and my skin is too sensitive; I also don't like the electricity bill when heaters come into play. So I'd much prefer a house that isn't going to be freezing cold while it's nice and warm out like my current house.

However, moving is one thing, actually finding a new place to call home is another. While I wish it was as easy as waltzing into a different place and say "alright, let's move here!", anybody who rents will know that this isn't quite the case.

Because it is when you are house hunting and running from inspections to inspections that you realise just how little your budget stretches sometimes. With Melbourne living expenses so high, and me merely a poor student / part time worker / home crafter, it really doesn't stretch all that far. And the places that are within my budget are usually about the size of a shoebox.

But sometimes you do find gems, and it's those gems you have to grab hold of and never let go.

Image by Esquareda via Flickr

After a week of house hunting , 20 inspections later and a very tired me, here are some things I'd like to have a rant about:

1. Support pillars: Now, I understand that they are important. They do keep the building stable after all. But right in the middle of the living room? Really?

2. Kitchens: So I'm aware that the modern day society is more and more prone to takeaway and 2 minute noodles. Unfortunately I belong to the diminishing group of youngsters who actually like to cook. Kitchens that are the size of a matchbox (fits 1 max) with shallow sinks and close to no bench spaces seem to be a trend. Really?

3. Weird layouts: Disjointed kitchens (you have to run back to the front door to get to the kitchen) and toilets right at the main doors. Whoever came up with these ideas, ought to be shot in the head. I don't think I want to be seeing a toilet or a bathtub the minute I open my front door, thank you very much.

4. Real estate agents: Yes, I do realise that they have a lot of house inspections to supervise. However you'd think that part of their job was to ensure that they had the right keys. The number of times I've had to wait and waste my time while a real estate agent jabbers frantically into a phone trying to convince a colleague to bring down the right keys.... I could have made it to another house inspection!

I'll stop here. But you get the idea, it's not all that fun house hunting. However the prospect of a healthier 2010 spurs me on!

So far I've put in 3 applications and shall spend the next few days biting nails waiting to hear the outcome of my applications. I have a favourite house that I hope I get, a place that I'd be quite happy with if I get it, and the last was a "If all else fails, this isn't so bad either." So here's hoping!

And to make this a little bit more chitty-chatty, tell me about your house renting experiences, what have you found in rental houses that were just utterly atrocious? I remember a friend telling me that she found a place that had bolts on the outside of the toilet door but not the inside. Creepy!

So please share, I can't wait to hear from you!

Remember! Our current giveaway is from Kirsty from Filmless Photos: Enter the giveaway here


Friday, October 2, 2009

8 days to go: Mt Tamborine and Port

What is the best way to wind down the weekend than with a glass of port?

Today's port is brought to you by:

And two very awesome friends who got the Ruby Port and brought it down to Melbourne for me.

The added flavour of friendship makes it extra sweet.

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