Monday, October 5, 2009

4 days to go: PANIC.

No seriously. Four days before my first ever craft market in Melbourne.

Are you coming, are you coming? I'd so love to see a familiar face there, right before I melt into a complete puddle of panic and then more panic.

I have been busy with making sure that my table looks alright, making sure that I have enough stock.. thinking of ways to pack the extra stock, and how much extra stock to bring.. there's still so much to prepare for!

So while I'm off being a headless chicken, let me share with you a few photos of my favourite craft market displays from flickr:

Image by Contented Sparrow on Flickr

Image by Contented Sparrow on Flickr

Image by Popko on Flickr

Image by BeckyOh on Flickr

What are some of your favourite displays or display ideas? Please do share the love!



  1. Don't worry - you'll make it! It will be stressful and you won't have everything arranged just right when the early-birds start walking through, you will discover that you have forgotten something crucial - like a CHAIR! But everything will work out OK, and when you come home exhausted you will think about what a great time it was, and what nice people the vendors on either side of you were :)

  2. Wow! you must be so excited! It sounds great! Make sure you take a photo of your stall and post it up for us to see!

    I don't think I'd be able to get together enough stuff to sell at a market, but i'll certainly think about it one day :)

    I'd love to come along but northcote is a bit of a challenge from my house - melbourne is so bad for getting 'across' to places, it's only good if you're going to or from the city

  3. What would I know - but I'm taking a punt anyway...

    1. I reckon all the lead up is the big stress and then I have this theory that it's a barrel of fun on the day.

    2. I think it's important to not overclutter your table with stuff - sometimes it can be really tricky to truly 'see' anything with loads of distractions.

    Good luck!


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