Sunday, February 7, 2010

Daylesford Makers Market - February Edition

I've been gone for awhile, I do apologize.

Work has started again, and the first week of work had me waking early, sleeping late and trying to figure out my schedule. I enjoy my work immensely (I'm a music teacher) and I'm quite willing to drive the 1+ hour just to get to work. I don't know if my petrol bills agree with me though.

But I'm slowly getting back into the groove, slowly sorting out my time problems but I'm a fair bit away from sorting out all my problems. That's what keeps life interesting, perhaps. If one day you are faced without problems to solve... I know I'd be bored.

Over the weekend, I headed over to Daylesford for the 2nd market of the year. My first was The Handmade Show but I seem to have slacked off and forgotten to post about that. I promise a catch up post very soon. But Daylesford first:

I had a bit of drama in the morning - I overslept. I had been working on very little sleep the past week, so when I crashed on Friday night, I must have crashed real hard. I even managed to shut all my alarms off without me realising it! I woke up 45 minutes after the time I was suppose to leave, and went through a huge panic trying to get myself into the car and on the way to Daylesford. Thankfully, I got to Daylesford at 9.30am without any major delays after the initial 45 minutes setback. It's one crazy drive up the freeway I would like to say : Never again.

Other than that, the day went without a hitch. I met Alison, the fantastic lady behind Lark who was sweet and understanding when I burst into the hall panting like a dog. Not a pretty sight, quite unlike the hall which had been magically transformed into the handmade heaven on earth for a short few hours. Everybody's stalls were incredibly well-presented and it took all of my willpower not to dish out my hard earned money for some of the amazingly cute plushies that were up for sale at the market. However, I was so out of it that I didn't get any photos of other stalls, nor business cards, but you can head over to the Daylesford Makers Market blog to check out the other fantastic stallholders.

Here are some photos of my own from the day:

I've changed my display! It's now Cream / Light Yellow and White instead of Pink.
I will be changing the table cloth soon too.

Some of my latest necklaces. Sweet offerings for a very low price!
(They are only 10 dollars each)

Many people asked for it, so here they are!
The return of my roses bracelets!

A limited edition set of necklaces that I named: The Working Lady necklaces.
I rather like them. Again, only 10 dollars!

This year, I've also added a shelf to my display collections.

It houses my ear studs collection!

It was a fantastic day at Daylesford, I really enjoyed myself! I'd love love love to do it again, just without the crazy maniac driving at the start of the day please. The drive back was lovely, and the next time I'm up in Daylesford will be for the April market, plus I'll be doing a little holiday away for the weekend then too!

Oh yes, don't forget that we still have a giveaway going on: Shenevski's crochet shawl is a beauty to behold, I want it for myself but since I can't be part of it, please please please win it and love it on my behalf!

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