Friday, August 28, 2009

Newest Listing (after how long?)

What with Manifest and then the rush to pay my bills / go to work / get things sorted: It's been awhile since I last listed or make anything. It's hard to create anything when you are feeling down and tired most days.

However last night I buckled down and the minute I was done cooking dinner, I sat myself down at the beading table and made this little gem.

Isn't she sweet? I named her My Fair Lady, for the name Eliza kept coming to mind when I was making this.
Available here if you'd like to purchase it.

Please read the item description for all the nitty gritty that is too long to repeat here on this blog.


In other news: I was featured in EnchantedQuilling's most recent Treasury West list.

The theme was cameos: Isn't it pretty? I'm loving that black and white cameo by secretjewellz. Beauitfully elegant.
You can view this treasury here for the next few days. Have a look! Clicky love is always .. much loved.


And the very last thing before I go, I missed Wishlist Wednesday but I can show you something for Friday Favourites.

I have always always always loved anything DNA related. So when Morphologica came out with these little babies, my heart stopped and I felt this desperate need to own them.

Photo by: Morphologica

However with the fact that I will be moving soon looming over my head, I can't really spend money on anything for myself just yet. So meanwhile, I'll sit here eyeing it, rather impatiently awaiting the day when I can click on that 'buy' button!

Isn't it just gorgeous?



  1. hello there! nice to see you here:) Your photos are wonderful and the treasury is just lovely, I love all the pretty charms there!

    And yes nicky's new shop is way cool!



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