Sunday, August 30, 2009

Swan Lake

As a child growing up, I was never given the chance to watch ballet performances, musicals or even any sort of concerts. The plain and simple of it was that we couldn't afford it. The family was a musical family with much emphasis on learning the arts but watching performances on telly was as close as I ever got to seeing the beloved musicals and ballet acts that I love so much.

After I moved to Melbourne, I was delighted to learn that Melbourne being the city of arts, was graced with an endless numbers of amazing performances. With great joy in my heart, I saved up my pennies and to this day, I remember my very first ballet performance that I attended in Melbourne was Swan Lake. Thus making it so that till this day, this very ballet is the most memorable one for me, and the most beloved.

Such grace, such beauty! Such is ballet and while I did ballet as a child for a short period of time, I had to drop it due to financial issues (yet again.) But I never forgot my steps, and I never forgot the deep love I have for this art form.

That was what inspired me with this bracelet.

You can purchase it here

Simple, yet beautifully elegant. That is what I see in Swan Lake.



  1. The bracelet is absolutely beautiful, and I love to hear the story behind the art! This is a great blog, welcome to the Etsybloggers! ♥

  2. Becky and Memoriesforlife: Thank you dears!


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