Thursday, December 10, 2009

Calling out to fellow crafters.

In Melbourne, that is.

Me, myself and I.

We are coming up with our own little trunk show that will be based in the South Eastern side of Melbourne. Oakleigh to be exact.
And while a jewellery trunk show sounds fab, I feel that it's a tad boring just by itself.

So this is a call out to fellow Melbourne crafters. Would you like a nice crafternoon with fellow crafters? Would you like the space to set up (FOR FREE), to have people come and browse and possibly buy your beautiful creations while you craft over a cuppa amongst other crafters?

A nice casual and cozy setting, the Oakleigh RSL have kindly donated part of their dining hall for us to set up and I'm looking for another or two other crafters to come join the rest of the team.
If you want to start selling at a craft market but have never had the courage to make the first step, why not try this one? There are no fees involved so you can test run your setup plus you get to spend an afternoon with other crafters, oh what fun would that be?

I'm looking for this to happen on the 16th of January, so hit me up latest by the end of the month to confirm your spot.
At this point in time, we are trying not to have any clashes in crafting fields so as to give everybody a fair go. So if you want in, and are given a spot, rest assured that you will be the only one of your field there. =)

At a glance:

Where: Oakleigh RSL
When: 16th January
Time: 10-4pm (Setup before 10am)

Want more info? Or would you like to book a spot? Send me an email at petite.valse (at)

Looking forward to hearing from you!

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