Monday, December 7, 2009

Secretly Shy.

Image by Meesho via Flickr

I've been to a fair few markets now, and have been chatting with a fair few of fellow crafty bloggers for awhile now. And even those who I don't often leave comments for (oh guilty!heart, be still!), I do know of your names and such!

Yet when I do come across people I know from the blogosphere or crafting world at markets, I hesitate to introduce myself. For the simple reason that really should have been dealt with a long time ago:

I am shy.

Oh, don't get me wrong. Once the initial niceties and greetings have been exchanged, I chatter quite easily (tho I really fail at doing small talk) and can be quite friendly. It's the initial hump, getting over that hump, that always fails me.

For example:
I saw that the incredibly talented Aunty Cookie was at the last Yarraville Markets, and though I walked past many times, hesitated countless of times, I just couldn't pick up the courage to say hi. Don't I just suck at being social?

Perhaps as time go by, I'll get better at this saying hi business. For now, I hope you overlook my little ... ahem. incapability to be a normal sociable human being, and come drag me out of my hole! I promise I won't bite!

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