Monday, December 28, 2009

Merry Christmas, everyone!

Image via Mapking on Flickr

So what did you get up to during Christmas?

I do apologize for the quiet and silence around here this festive period. My only excuse was that food, wine and good company makes me feel less like squirreling away into my room to type type type in front of the computer. I have missed blogging however, so I could only stay away for so long!

My christmas was filled with much joy, much food, and much wine. We went places like the Cuckoo Restaurant, Brighton Beach for a picnic, Yarra Valley for a wine tour with a stopover at Yering station for lunch. We also went strawberry picking down at Sunny Ridge and visited friends at their beach houses.

We even braved the Boxing Day sales!

Which led us to feel like this:

Image by Dalla via Flickr

But it's been a joyous affair. One that I enjoyed a lot more due to the constant presence of loving friends. I hope you had an amazing christmas too!

Oh and before I forget: due to the festive season and many people disappearing off from blog-land. I'm going to be extending the deadline for the previous Waltzing through with talent segment by another two weeks.

So please, if you haven't entered the giveaway yet (come on, a design idea can't be that hard right? ;p ) you still have time to do so quickly!

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