Wednesday, September 2, 2009

It's Spring!

Before we begin, let me start by saying, this is going to be a long entry.

Did you grab that cuppa? Good. Now we are ready.

It's Spring!

For us here in Aussieland anyhow! The sun was out and shining with all its might today. Clear blue skies with the odd lazy white puffy clouds. It was such a perfect day for a picnic!

Just look at those blooms I spotted over my neighbour's fence! I hope he didn't think I was trying to peep into his house when I was desperately trying to prop myself just that bit taller so I could take a clear shot of them. It's not very convenient being short sometimes.

But they are quite the beauty, aren't they? And they do make one feel terribly happy inside.

Unfortunately for me, the spring warmth didn't quite extend to the inside of my house so it's still rather much like winter inside! We seem to lack insulation.. Ah well.

You know what else comes with spring? Beautiful beautiful yummy fruits!

Okay, so that's just a lemon, but it's a beginning! I've been craving for some sweet mangoes and watermelons... it won't be long now!

I do so love Spring! So much so that I had to come up with something that would always remind me of the sun's warmth.

Check out this sparkling sun brooch!

You can purchase it here

Made with swarovski crystals (an abundance of them!) and artist craft wire, it will sparkle and shine in the sun, dazzling you with its pretty colours! Go ahead, get one. You know you need one for this season's spring and summer!


Little Waltz was featured a few days ago on Indie Craft Corner, pop by to have a read of my tiny story!

I also managed to snag another treasury:

Swan Lake

I'm so in love with the Purple dress! That seller is so incredibly talented! I'll hopefully have a full feature of her sometime soon, but until then, go check out her store here. Her dresses are so simple yet so incredibly creative!

That's it for today, I did warn you it was going to be long!
I hope you have been doing well, do drop in and say hi!



  1. awesome pics! It's nice to think of Spring :) We have Autumn coming up here, which is ok, love it! But that means winter is not too far, that one I don't love so much, lol :)

  2. Great photos :)

    And congrats on the feature and the treasury :)

  3. awesome pictures, and i love the brooch! ♥

  4. Lovely spring pics...and congrats on the feature...and that treasury is just beautiful...

  5. Yay for Spring! I'm currently in Bangkok, so it's just plain hot, but I'm looking forward to coming back in 4 weeks to such a lovely season. That brooch symbolises it perfectly!



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