Thursday, January 21, 2010

It's a birthday giveaway!

Time has surely flown by.

It's going to be my birthday real soon again! Whoops, did I mention birthday?

So as a real treat to you , I will be doing a giveaway of my own. What's this? A birthday that you give instead of receive presents? And why not?
A birthday is a celebration and I'd love to share the joy with you.

So here's the deal:

I'm giving away ....

one of my sakura necklaces (blue or red, you pick!)

These pretties are valued at $35 usd and are one of a kind.
If you haven't heard already, they are kimono fabric frozen in resin, shaped into sakuras.
Three different layers of sakuras flowers coordinated together and highlighted with shimmering swarovski crystals!

Don't you want one? Of course you do. They are such beautiful little pretties.

How to win:

There is only one method of entering and that is by posting this on Twitter.

" Be the 271 person to tweet this and win your very own #SakuraNecklace Details: #littlewaltz "


1. You may tweet only once per hour.
2. You may RT but the keywords #SakuraNecklace and #littlewaltz must be in the tweet or it will be disqualified.
3. Winner may pick the colour theme that they desire (red or blue) but the fabric pattern may not be the same as pictured.

I will be doing a search through Twitter and keeping count.

The winner will be contacted through Twitter, if the winner does not contact me back within 48 hours of winning, the win will be disqualified and the next person in line will be the next winner.

So why wait? Do it now!


In other news,

The lovely Heather King had my little ear studs up on her blog to cheer you guys up from January Blues.
Not just my ear studs but many other lovely cheerful things as well.
So why not pay her a visit?

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