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Waltzing through with Talent - Ange from Angelene

Happy New Year everybody! It's Monday once again, and while we still have the previous segment ongoing till the 12th of January 2010, there is no reason why we cannot continue to feature another awesome crafter. With that said, if you haven't entered the previous giveaway, do it! It's so adorable, and so easy really!

I make jewellery, and often I find people tend to group all jewellery makers together. But this is so incredibly wrong. Just like how with clothes we have so many different types, and sizes, and styles... in jewellery, we have the same. Ange is a jewellery maker, and her jewellery's fantastic! Very different from mine, and much classier too. *winks*

Who are you and what do you sell?
My name is Ange, and I sell handcrafted jewellery, and some upstyled ladies tops too! My jewellery is made from sterling silver and some goldfill, with gemstones and Swarovski crystals. I am easily bored, so you will see my store has a wide range of styles, themes and has something to suit just about anyone!

What are your inspirations and muses?
I am inspired by organic shapes - you'll notice alot of circle, swirls and curves in my jewellery - I also love natural gemstones, particularly at the moment lush rich garnets! I'm heavily influenced by what I read and experience - for example, at the moment I'm reading (yet again) Laurell K Hamilton's Merry Gentry faerie princess series - so my latest pieces are decadent, a bit noir, and very very rich.

AAA Rock Crystal Quartz, Green Amethyst and White Topaz Art Earrings - Gaia at Night

How does your creative space look like?
My fiance Josh has built me a work table, so I can sit with him of an evening (or by myself on the weekend in front of a good vampire flick) and work away. I am terrible at putting things away so I have a mish mash of my favourite gems and crystals out - for inspiration and easy access.

Tell us a little about what makes you, you. Your other hobbies, day job (if any!) .. anything that makes you tick!
I am a very boring public servant by day - my work is in social policy - at the moment I am advising on early childhood, multicultural affairs and the arts. It is fairly dry work - lots of brief writing and meetings... but I'm good at it, so that is in itself rewarding. I also read alot - I love Laurell K Hamilton's Anita Blake vampire hunter series, and the Merry Gentry faerie series too - Anne Rice's vampire chronicles, Mayfair witch series and other novels, anything a bit noir and naughty really! I also read a brilliant book recently called "Someone Knows My Name" a fictional piece about the slave trade of Africa in the 1700s and 1800s... very moving.

I describe myself as a grown up with ADHD - I have a million things on the go at any one time - on top of my fulltime job, I run a home spray tanning business, try to help Josh renovate our house, and make jewellery (plus all the listing and promoting that goes along with it). I find time for friends when I can, and am lucky to know so many gorgeous people to spend time with.

Metal and Sterling earrings - Bronze Butterfly

What are you most proud of in your crafting/art life and your personal best achievement?
I'm proud of the way my technique has improved and how I can visualise a new technique and make it happen (without too many do overs!). My most recent piece (yet to be listed) involved a bit of wire crotcheting, and was a risky experiment, but I pulled it off! I posted a picture of it on my facebook fanpage, and will list it on etsy soon.

Complete these sentences:

* I love..
. my fiance Josh deeply
* I cannot live without.. a creative outlet!
* I find more time in my busy schedule for my craft
* When I grow up..hehe not sure i've done that yet - I still don't know what I want to be when I grow up!

Handmade sterling silver toe or pinky ring or regular finger ring - Swirly Swirls

What do you like best about the crafting/art world.
The community - my team mates (Down Under Street Team, JETteam and BrisStyle) are all wonderfully supportive!

Where can we get more goodies from you?
Head on over to my etsy to purchase, and join my facebook fanpage for discounts and special offers. I also do the odd twitter only sale, so follow me on twitter too!

And there you have it, straight from the talented lady herself! Hurry hurry, grab her shinies now because you just know she's going to be huge and those prices won't stay low for forever!

Christmas festives leaving you a little bit broke, but you are still salivating for one of these prized jewels? Ange has been most understanding towards the readers of Little Waltz and has very generously given us the opportunity to reward one of you avid readers with a gift voucher that's worth $ 40 .

This could be yours!

Here's how to win:-

For one entry: Be a fan of Angelene on Facebook

For one entry: Be a follower of Petitevalse!

For two entries: tweet this on twitter: Win a 40 dollar gift voucher from Angelene on Etsy here! Remember to leave a comment stating that you have done so!

And that's it! Nice and simple. So let's get going!

This giveaway will end 18th of January and the winner will be announced on the next Waltzing through with Talent segment.

The winner to the MooBeeTees giveaway will be announced with on the 13th of January!

Till then!!

Would you like to be considered for this feature? Send me an email at petite.valse (at) and tell me why you'd like to be in the feature!

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