Thursday, September 24, 2009

15 Days to go - but today is about doctors.

I can't work too much today. I have to go to the doctor's for a medical checkup. Nothing too serious, just a general medical checkup with xrays to make sure I'm not developing any weird diseases. Because you know, being a foreigner makes you more prone to that despite having lived here for the past 7 years. /sarcasm.

Can you tell I'm not too big on the idea that I have to pay almost 300 dollars for this? And it's not like I'm given a choice in the matter either. But it has to be done, so this afternoon will see me waiting in the doctor's waiting room.

Have a peek at my creative space today:

Little deer brooches! They are incredibly limited in brooch-form (there's a few I've made into hair clips) as I only had a small supply of brooch backs. And as I've been trying to use up my stock, I didn't allow myself to get more. So if you like them, then be sure to come down to the Northside Makers Market!

(Or shoot me an email and I'll see what I can do for you.)

Today also marks the start of the Etsy Weekend Sale that's going on this weekend.

10% off storewide!

So grab it while it's there, it's only for the weekend! Read the shop announcement for more details on how to get in on this deal. I hope to see you in my shop !!

Also, see this blog post by the DUST team to see who else is participating in this weekend mega sale! There's tons of discounts to be had.. so hurry!


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  1. Those little deer brooches are positively the cutest thing! I really like the way that they're displayed on your cards also!


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