Friday, September 18, 2009

Movie Talk: The September Issue

It's past midnight, I really should be in bed.

But my brain is whizzing and I'm slightly breathless as inspiration after inspiration is flashing in front of my mind's eye.
The reason for this is this:

The September Issue

A film by R.J. Cutler, The September Issue revolves around the whizzing and sometimes emotionally draining working life that goes on behind-the-scenes in the push towards publishing the September Issue of Vogue. The 2007 issue was and remains the biggest ever, weighing over four pournds, selling thirteen million copies and impacting the $300-billion global fashion industry more than any other single publication. You can read more about The September Issue on the Official Site

What I really want to talk about is not so much about what the film was about, or how was it. I mean, it was really amazing in that we were able to get behind those closed doors to see how it all works. But that's not what blew my mind away.

What or rather, who, blew my mind away first and foremost was Grace Coddington.

Never mind her modelling years. She was pretty, she did her job well. But physical looks never attracted me; instead it's her work and creations as creative editor of Vogue that catches my attention. Here are some examples of her work in Vogue:

Isn't it all just so incredibly beautiful and absolutely scrumptious? *sighs at the pretties*

Now, I'm not really a fashion kind of girl. The closest thing I can claim to being related to the world of fashion is my obssession with lolita fashion. I hardly wear make up, I don't do my hair, I very rarely do manicures/pedicures.. and I really couldn't be bothered with my clothes. I just dress comfortably and well... if I don't look good with my comfy clothes, then so be it.


What I found incredibly heartwarming is the attachment Grace has to her spreads and photos. She gets this idea, she puts the effort in and when Anna kills it, she is crushed and the pain is written on her face. As an outsider watching the film, you can feel and share her pain: for her attachment to be felt through the big scree, it only goes to show just how attached she is to her work. Her art style is amazing, and I marvel at the ideas and thoughts that must go through her head as she sits in the front row at all major fashion shows, sketching non-stop.

Described as a 'genius' even by Anna Wintour herself, Grace does not just see models and clothes and fashion spreads. She has her roots and beliefs firmly grounded in the historical perspective on art and fashion, making it so that every fashion editorial seem more like an amazing piece of art rather than a fashion shoot. Filled with passion and artistic integrity, her love for it all is incredibly inspiring, and it is her who is filling me with inspirations and crafting urges right now.

I can only pray that one day, in the far future, I will have maybe a tenth of the inspiration and stylistic sense that she has shown in her editorial spreads so far. If just for one moment, I can see the images in my head and actually bring them to life with my own hands, I think I will be a very happy crafter and photographer indeed. Seeing her talent at work, I just feel so incredibly small and inadequate, but Rome wasn't built in a day, so if I keep on at it.. maybe one day I'll reach a tenth of her abilities. Maybe.

Have you watched the movie? If you have, what were your thoughts on it? I'd love to hear your thoughts and opinions, and not just about Grace! So please do share.

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