Monday, September 7, 2009

Celeste 0: Sickness 1

Remember my post that I made sometime ago about the DUST team ?

Having mentioned that a new Lindt Cafe had opened in Chadstone on the forums, the Melbourne DUSTers decided that we'd all get together for a cuppa and chocolate. Perfect excuse for a meetup. So plans went underway and on Saturday morning I drove myself over to Chaddie, ready to meet the lovely girls who I've been chatting with so much over the last few weeks.

I was nervous, that was for sure. I'm always nervous meeting new people. But the DUST girls are not really new? In a way, we've been talking for awhile now, so it felt like I knew them, but on the other hand, I've never met them before. And remember the times Mummy would say "never meet somebody from the internet in real life" ? But I had said I'd come, so go I did. And boy was I glad.

It was a small-ish meetup, a quiet sort of thing. There was Karen from Moobeetees; Kerri from VintageSewandso, Andrea from AndyJusty and Sally from Sallysoriginalart and of course, Yours Truly from Little Waltz. We had all agreed to wear something blue, seeing as it was Blue September and DUSTteam was having a blue sale. Karen had mentioned that she'd be wearing a scarf from Rainbow Revolution so I knew straightaway which table I was headed to. (That scarf is absolutely gorgeous btw. Go check out her shop!)

Went over; beating heart; introduced myself. Settled in, and suddenly felt quite at ease. And before you know it, it was time to leave. That wasn't so hard after all! It was great being able to put faces to the names that had been floating around on the forums and it was great conversation too! I'm so glad I went, and am definitely looking forward to the next one.

From left: Kerri's very patient (and stylish) son!, Kerri/vintagesewandso, Celeste/littlewaltz, Karen/moobeetees, Ian/Sally's BH, Sally/sallysoriginalart and Andrea/andyjusty

In the afternoon, I could feel myself gradually sinking. My meds weren't working that great and my nose was just leaking non-stop. However I still had to make an appearance at the student concert organized by one of my employers. I'm glad I went tho. Nothing beats the feeling of pride when your student goes up there and plays beautifully, sometimes even better than expected. It just reminded me so much of the joy and passion I had for music when I was young, it made me all teary-eyed. One of the boys especially played so beautifully, I was incredibly impressed. Think I will have to let him tackle my pet project: The Blue Danube.

No photos of the concert however, since I didn't bring my camera. But if I do get any from the parents later on, I'll definitely share some. I went straight home after the concert and sat in bed nursing my cold. I really wish I didn't fall sick over weekends. I really wanted to do some crafting, but it sure seems like the body would like a rest instead. So rest I did. I did bring wires and pliers to bed however, and spent my awake time (what little of it) making more clouds.

It is now Monday and the Cold is still here. Monster cold, I call it. It's making me incredibly grumpy and seem to come hand in hand with massive headaches and incredible physical tiredness. But it's 2 weeks to the school holidays, and a really bad time to be calling in sick right now, therefore I must march on.




  1. What a lovely description of your meet up!

  2. Oh I wish I could have come too - though I would have been equally nervous!
    sounds like it was a lovely meet - i wish i lived been closer to chadie, but i'm the very opposite side of melb. thanks for posting about it -

    I'm stuck at home with the flu too -i think it's going around :(

  3. Lovely post! Don't forget to drop by and give me your snail mail so I can send your free print out to you.


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