Friday, September 18, 2009

Little Waltz @ Northside Makers Market

Remember my talk about Jewellery displays for craft markets? I mentioned that if Lady Luck shone upon me, then I'd have a spot in the brand new Northside Makers Market.

Well, she did shine upon me. *does the hippy happy dance*

So yes. Little Waltz will be at the brand new handmade market : Northside Makers Market on the 10th of October (Saturday)

How exciting is this? I'm so stoked yet so completely and utterly nervous as well. What if I don't sell a single thing, what if people hate my creations? What if I don't have enough stock, what if .. what if... what if....

But you know what, that's half the fun. That's part of the excitement. And I definitely know what I'm going to be busy with for the next few weeks now.

If you are in the area and free... do come down and have a look see! It will be great fun, I promise. At the very least you will be able to pick me up from the floor where I, most definitely, will have melted into a puddle of panic.



  1. congrats on getting a spot in the market!..i wanna go london now just to see it! haha...(too bad i do not live there..T_T

    your creations are very lovely!!!..

    hope you will make a great sale! =)

    have fun being there!

  2. Evie - Thank you for your comment! But it's not the Northcote in London... It's Northcote in Melbourne, Australia! Sorry for the confusion ^^;;

  3. oh yeah!!! i am so sorry! oh dear, i have no idea why did i say london..hehe..sorry!! >.<

    and we are in the "neighboring country" if you count an ocean apart..I'm from S'pore!

  4. Evie: ooh! I'm actually from Singapore as well. Though I live here in Australia now. Usually I go home once a year, but skipping it this year in favour of craft markets over the summer here in Aussie. Hehe.

  5. All the best for your market Celeste! You're so brave. I looked at the costs and effort involved and just freaked! Don't think I'm ready to make such a big step.

    P.S. How many Singaporeans follow your blog?!?! LOL, we're taking over the world, mwahahaha.


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