Monday, September 21, 2009

Waltzing through with talent: Designs by Vanessa

Isn't it amazing the variety of talents that we as human beings possess? I know I find it amazing. In fact what's even more amazing is that different people possess different talents and what you are amazing at, most likely is something I am really crummy at.

Vanessa from Designs By Vanessa is one of those amazing talented people. Jewellery making, card making... she has it all.
Take a quick look at these:

Aren't these just gorgeous? And if adding that little bit of beauty into the world isn't quite enough, Vanessa is a generous lady and she shares plenty of DIY tutorials on her blog to teach you how to add beauty into your surroundings as well. Now that's definitely worth a waltz through read!

So head on over to her shop and blog, and engross yourself into the beauty!



  1. Congratulation Celeste! you are the winner of my give away! please send me your address so i can post this fab scarf to you. Hopes this makes you smile!!!!!

  2. I love popping by her shop & blog to see what she's been creating - it's always so upbeat - makes me smile :)


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