Sunday, November 1, 2009

Mia and other things.

Photo taken by the lovely Edaburi

And I'm back! I do apologize, taking off quite so suddenly, disappearing without a word...

Blogtoberfest is also over and my record is in tatters. But I promise you, I have a good reason.

Remember my post about House hunting? Well, I found that house. I found the house where I could rest my weary soul for at least another year before I have to move on again. (Well, that also depends on whether or not we are allowed to sign the lease for another year..)

So when I first signed up for Blogtoberfest, I wasn't exactly counting on the fact that I'd be losing my connection to the internet for more than half the month. And it is quite hard to blog without the internet, isn't it? So I do beg for your forgiveness and understanding. But I have so much to tell and share!

The above photo is actually of me during my recent visit to the Melbourne Zoo with my dearest friend Edaburi. She took the photo while I was strolling along, with nary in my head other than the thoughts of "oh my god, oh my god, what's in the next enclosure?" It was a fantastic visit even though it started to rain on us towards the end of our visit. We finished the day with pho from a vietnamese restuarant down in Richmond. Yummy.

Before I forget.. remember our very first giveaway from Waltzing through with Talent with Kristy from Filmless Photos? We do have a winner you know. I know, I know, terribly belated, but better than never? I do promise that all future giveaway winners will be announced on time. I do hope you are able to forgive me this one time!

Without further ado, our lucky winner for the very first giveaway is Haptree from Haptree and me! Congratulations darling! You win a free 8x10 print of your choice from Filmless Photos.

Do watch out for the next Waltzing through with Talent segment. It will go live today!

Image by Dottie Angel

Have you heard of the 'dottie angel' challenge? It is the challenge of the utmost kind and after reading about it, I knew this was a challenge after my own heart and that I had to give it a go.

However with all challenges, there must be rules and exceptions. These make the challenge realistic and of course, much easier to keep.

Food, undies, socks For obvious reasons, really. I can take 2nd hand shoes, but I will never be able to buy undies or socks from an Op shop. My love for op shops only brings me quite so far.

Gifts to me: It is not my responsibility as to what others would like to gift me. I would however, prefer handmade or thrifted, of course.

Business supplies: I think this requires no explanations.

Magazine allowance: I already have subscriptions going, plus half of them are actually for mumsies.

Electronics: While I do try to buy second hand consoles, sometimes it is just not worthwhile.

Large items of furnitures: I have tried. I went around looking for a shelf for my pantry, and ended up with nothing. Only Ikea had something that would have suited. I do however, promise to always try the op shops first before heading over to Ikea.

My start date will be today: Monday 2nd of November 2009. It will go on for one year, and I really do hope to be able to meet this challenge.

Excited? Oh terribly terribly so.

Also, it's fantastic to be back.



  1. Lovely to see you back on track. Good luck with your Handmade Venture for the upcoming year!

  2. I've been missing your blog posts Celeste! So glad you're back & that your new house is awesome (it includes a craft room! soooo jealous).

  3. Congrats on the new house Celeste, & good luck with with you handmade year :)

  4. Welcome back! Hope the new house is lovely!


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