Tuesday, November 17, 2009

What do you sell?

What do you sell?

Here's a question often found on application forms for craft markets, a question often asked between business associates.. and while I always have to give them the boring version, here's what I'd love to answer:

I sell dreams of elegance and delicacy, of hope and desire for the pretty. I sell sparkling gems and jewels that feed the womanly soul and allow it to soar in the skies of the world. I sell hope, happiness, tears of joy and tenderness. I sell sweets and candies that will sweeten your dreams and make your smile in your sleep.

I sell sparkles and twinkles in your eyes, shining and shimmering like a star in the night. I sell beautiful flowers, hoping that your spirits be lifted and rejuvenated with its gentle dance in the wind. I sell songs and sounds to adorn your ears, and tender kisses upon your hair.

I sell stories, fairytales and dreams that will nestle upon your chest like a baby cuddling up to the warmth. I sell crystals and diamonds, catching them as they fall from the sky.

I sell jewellery, lovingly handmade every bit and every piece.. but are they truly what they seem to be, or perhaps they mean much more?

So here's my question to you:

What do you sell?



  1. Oh so well written! If only they left enough space on craft fair applications hehe.

  2. That was rather beautiful :)

    I sell laughter, smiles, twirls and giggles! I also try and include a little bit of innocent childhood with every item - just to give a little back of what we seem to take away so quickly these days :)


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