Friday, November 6, 2009

Next Market Ahoy!

I had originally thought to hop over to Camberwell to have a look at the Melbourne Bead Expo that's going on this weekend. It's been so long since I was at a crafty supplies expo! I absolutely enjoyed my time at Stitches and Craft and am itching for more!

However I am very aware of my lack of time, and with the Sale over at Theo's Discount Craft looming up next week.. I've decided to give Melbourne Bead Expo a skip. I'm sure my bank account will love me for it.

Instead, let me point your attention to our very next market! Little Waltz will be making an appearance at Yarraville Markets on the 15th of November, Sunday.

Remember to come check us out if you are in the area! I'll be releasing a new product line that's not jewellery then! So watch out!

I might.. might put out previews. Any of you lot want previews? ;p

Also, let's not forget about the giveaway that's going on here. I've changed the rules slightly so you can join with a bicycle story as well. Come on, join the fun!


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