Sunday, November 15, 2009

Yarraville Market: A report

And with that, today's market is over!

I definitely enjoyed today's market, and I loved how intimate it felt. I was also really lucky as one of my friends came down to hang out with me behind the table and we even managed to sneak away for a milkshake and pie.

I met a few interesting ladies today and had a lovely chat with another stallholder who's an artist. Sarah from Billyboy and Mia came to visit me at my table as well, and it's always lovely when internet friends meet in real life! I love being able to put faces to names, it's rather like.... 'aha, you actually do exist! I'm not going crazy!'

I'd love to go back to Yarraville Markets if possible. I think the venue's just lovely!

Anyhow, here's some photos of my table today... There are still things I'm changing and things I meant to do but ran out of time to.. so the next version of my table should hopefully be much more attractive than this one!

My newest ring display, yes that's a baking tray! Also note the quirky stop sign rings. Hehehe.

It was tiring, but absolutely amazing. How about you? How did your Sunday go?



  1. ooh i bet almost everytihng went home to their new owners! they are gorgeous!

  2. It looks very pretty, I wish I could visit the market too. It's difficult to be creative on showing the stuffs on table, last summer I had a market too to sell sweet lolita stuff ^-^

  3. Your table looks beautiful, glad that you had fun!

  4. Cute stall Celeste. I don't think you should change it ;).

  5. You table looks like a sweet Candy Store! Lovely

  6. Your table looks amazing! It's all very cute :) I wish I could do something like that one of these days!

  7. your table is very pretty. i especially like the pink board for the earrings.

    found your blog because of your diy ring display. i make accessories too and sell them at bazaars. here is how my table looked like at a bazaar last weekend: www://


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