Sunday, November 15, 2009

Waltzing through with Talent - Kelly from Vitae Clothing and Accessories

Hasn't the fortnight just gone whizzing by? It's time for our next Waltzing through with Talent!

This time I'm featuring a dear friend of mine. We met due to our interests in lolita fashion , and while her being in Adelaide means a lack of hang out time, I still know for a fact how awesome she is, and you are in for a treat as she has the cutest giveaway lined up for you!

Who are you and what do you sell?
I am Kelly, and I run Vitae Clothing and Accessories. I sell Lolita Clothing and Jewelery, Gothic Clothing and Jewelery, and the occasional Cosplay or "normal" clothing too! Recently though, its been mainly Lolita stuff.

What are your inspirations and muses?
I love the Rococo era, its one of my biggest inspirations for designs in my dresses- that and fairytales and Fantasy. My favorite tale, and one I plan to create in Ballgown-form, is the Story of SapSorrow, with her dresses, "The Sun", "The Sky", and "The Stars".

How does your creative space look like?
... It's a little cramped. I don't have a lot of room here so there's two desks with two sewing machines and a computer all jammed in, with so many bits and bobs stacked all over it! There's also two filing cabinets stacked one on top of the other, a glory box and about three suitcases full of fabric. One day, when we are in a slightly larger place, things might be a bit roomier! Haha.

Tell us a little about what makes you, you.
Well, sewing is one of my favorite pastimes, and I do it even when I am meant to be having a day off haha! But I also love to dance, and do so as often as I can. I usually do contemporary or hip-hop. I'm also a total nerd, I love video games and play them fairly often! (sometimes when I should be doing homework!)
I also study Aged Care at TAFE, and hope to study Nursing at University next year.

What are you most proud of in your crafting/art life and your personal best achievement?
The continuing and growing success of my business, Vitae, is my crowning glory :D Attending AVCon as an artist this year and selling out was a great feeling, and things have only been getting better from there. Also attending fashion shows is a highlight for me- Its great for business and so much fun!

Complete these sentences:
I love:
Chocolate, Cream, and Sewing. Oh, and my partner Joel- I couldn't DO without him!
I cannot live without: Insulin! I'm a diabetic :)
I hope: A lot of things but most of all I work towards my dreams- there's no point hoping if you aren't trying too!
When I grow up : Haha. I want to Be Sailor Mars! I really did want that as a child you know. A Rock Star Sailor Mars. :D

What do you like best about the crafting/art world.
Making something from nothing. There's something special about taking the raw materials in your hands, and moulding them into the shape your minds eye sees. And when you're finished, sharing the things you've made with everyone out there.

Where can we get more goodies from you?
Well, aside from Etsy, I do direct sales and commissions through Livejournal at my sales journal there- and I hope to soon have my website up and running! (But, I'm terrible at websites, so it has to wait!). And we also have a Facebook Page, so please do join that!

Isn't Kelly adorable? Here's what she has lined up for you!

Kelly makes the most adorable polymer clay cupcakes and such and today she's made us some for earrings!

So how do you win this?

Here's how to win:

For 1 entry: Follow Kelly's Blog either through your feed reader or via the Google Friends Application. Please leave a comment saying you have done so /are already following. This step is compulsory.

For 1 entry: Follow My Blog either through your feed reader or via the Google Friends Application. Please leave a comment saying you have done so /are already following.

For 5 entries: Purchase anything from Kelly's Shop - Aetas Vitae

For additional entries (worth 1 each), you can:

- Blog about this entry. Remember to leave a seperate comment with the linkback.
- Tweet about thhis entry. Remember to leave a seperate comment with your twitter name.
- Add Kelly's shop to your fave list

This giveaway will end 30th November 2009, 10am Melbourne time. The winner will be announced on the following Waltzing through with Talent post.

So why wait? Get cracking and you could be that lucky winner!

Would you like to be considered for this feature? Send me an email at petite.valse (at) and tell me why you'd like to be in the feature!

We also have a winner from our previous giveaway from Sanchia from Little Red Wagon Kids!

Congratulations to Nandine from Please, please go to sleep!
Please get in touch with me with your contact details and we'll send you your prize asap!



  1. That pink skirt is sooo cute.
    I am a blog follower of yours Celeste already

    Also now following Kellys blog

  2. I have hearted Kelly's store on Etsy and love the purple cupcake cute.

  3. A fellow lolita, I see. *hugs* You are wonderful, Kelly.

    I don't have pierced ears though, so I won't be joining this giveaway. Maybe next time ^_^

    In the meantime, subscribing to blog and twitter. :D

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  13. Those earings are adorable,and would love to have the chance to win them!


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